STEC is always in the market for a passionate, enthusiastic English speaker who is looking to launch a career in ESL.  


STEC has plenty of career opportunities for teachers seeking employment in Vietnam. 

To achieve this vision, our mission is to provide not only quality English language learning but also soft skills and cultural awareness to all our students. Our commitment is to provide opportunities for English language studies for all students in all economic circumstances. 

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Stec Teacher


Having worked in Government management roles for most of my career having a career change and teaching English has been one of the best career/life decisions I’ve ever made. My transition from Queensland Australia to Central Vietnam couldn’t have been easier and this has largely been as a consequence of finding a job that I loved as an IELTS Teacher at Smart Tutoring English Centre in Central Vietnam – Hoi An.

What I loved about working for STEC was not only the help provided with organising my work visa and permit but   more importantly the ready-made friendship group. This group included both Vietnamese and Foreign committed enthusiastic motivated teachers and Assistants. Teachers that not only shared their knowledge and expertise but opened their hearts and homes to make me feel part of both the school and community. The School Directors, Ms Chi and Ms Karen were both so supportive in terms of offering the role to me whilst living in Australia and making sure I was adequately orientated on all school policies and processes. They also made sure that I had enough local knowledge to make me feel comfortable living in Hoi An.  As a Foreign teacher I was also provided free Vietnamese lessons (a great opportunity to interact with locals)

After 12 months working for STEC I returned toboth Australia and my role in Government, however I am anticipating returning to both Hoi An and STEC in the near future as I loved the opportunity to teachthe students itwas both rewarding and a privilege. In fact one of my students made it through to the National English Speaking Competition – I am very proud to have been a small part of my student’s success.

Hoi An is a lovely place to live and I have to say a safe place where you have the beach one side and then 5 minutes down the road you have the Old Town where you can explore the fascinating streets and old buildings.  In the event that you wish to socialize or meet others there is a large Expat community who are all ready to help you in any way possible.

Hoi An offers a great location for teachers to balance work with personal enjoyment.

Cheryl Princehorn
October, 2017



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