We have a variety of courses for students of all ages following the curriculum as outlined by the Friends and Family Workbooks.    


English for Pre schoolers

English for Pre schoolers (aged from 4 – 6) – the golden age to start learning English language.

At this age, we create an English speaking environment where children have opportunity to get to know the language through fun and English learning oriented classroom activities. We also focus on helping kids be aware of English phonics and pronunciation and build up their love for the new language. Interaction with foreigners from young age will create their confidence in communication later on.

Total Physical Response is one of the methodologies that we use a lot for this group of age. This approach helps children develop a second language naturally.

English for Elementary Schoolers

English for Elementary Student Program is designed for students at the age of 7 – 12. Students will learn phonics and start focusing on all four skills of English lanugage, that is listening, speaking, reading and writing, the natural process of learning a language.



English for Teenagers

English for Teenager Program will help student continue improving their English for all four skills of the language and also extend their cultural and social knowledge. Social and academic skills are also intergrated in the curriculum to prepare for their future at college and working enviroment. 


IELTS Preparation

Following STEC Steps, students will be prepared for an international IELTS exam after they finish the general English program and achieve B2 level for their English. Apart from mastering the language and learn more about study and exam skills, authentic knowledge about culture and society are also integrated at this level. IELTS students will take lots of mock tests to get used to the test format and the assessment of the IELTS test and also to be kept records of their progress during courses.


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